How to Write a Reinstatement of Credit Letter

How to Write a Reinstatement of Credit Letter
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A loss of credit can make a troubling financial situation even worse. However, if you can make a strong case for why your credit should be reinstated, you may have a chance to get it back. Though you can make the request, the creditor is under no obligation to reinstate your credit and may be leery of doing so. All you can do is write the letter and make the best case you can for why the credit should be reinstated.

Introduce yourself and write a brief statement about your account history.

Write a paragraph describing, in detail, the circumstances that led to your previous credit troubles. Note any major life-altering events (such as illness, death or loss of a job). This will give the creditor a picture of why your account was no longer in good standing.

Write a paragraph describing, again in detail, how your circumstances have changed (full recovery, new job, extra income). This is the most important part of the letter, because you are making your case for why your credit should be reinstated. The better argument you can make in your favor, the better your chances.

Ask for a reinstatement of your credit level. Reiterate the positive situation you now find yourself in and emphasize your ability to repay your debts.


  • If you have hard evidence of your improved situation (such as a W-2 form, pay stub or employment contract), submit a copy along with your letter. It will likely help your case.