How to Write an Extension Letter for Bankruptcy

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If you are negotiating the tricky waters of bankruptcy, you may find you need more time to negotiate with lenders or sell an asset. As a result, asking for more time to complete a task is fairly common. To write an appropriate letter, keep it brief and factual. Ask clearly and directly for what you want and be prepared to include documentation.

Address your letter to the court, and prominently include the current date and case number information.

Begin your letter stating that you have filed for bankruptcy, are having difficulty meeting the terms of the original agreement and would like an extension.

Write a brief explanation of the factors causing you to request a reworking of your original agreement. For example, "I lost my job last week and will not be able to meet the repayment terms in my Chapter 13 bankruptcy agreement." Be prepared to provide written documentation supporting your claims.

Ask for what you want in the third paragraph. For example, "I am asking for an additional 45 days so I may make other arrangements."

Thank the court and close the letter. Sign it, make a copy and send via return receipt mail; save the receipt. Wait for a response.


  • If you are having problems with your repayment arrangement, you may need to consider filing Chapter 7. Although you will have to pay an attorney, her advice with regard to an extension is invaluable.