How to Write a Letter Asking for Donations of Food for a Church Activity

How to Write a Letter Asking for Donations of Food for a Church Activity
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Churches often rely on donations from their congregations and communities, and food items are frequently requested. Churches may need donations of food to feed hungry people who cannot afford to feed themselves. Alternatively, churches may ask for food in order to feed a large crowd of people at a fund-raising event or another church-related activity. Members of a church may write letters to individuals, companies, non-profit organizations, grocery stores, schools, restaurants and other organizations to request donations of food.

Begin the letter by greeting the person or organization to whom the letter is addressed. For example, if you are writing the letter to your friend Roger Jones it is polite to write “Dear Roger” or “Dear Mr. Jones.” If you are directing the letter to an organization, you may write “To whom it may concern:” or address the letter to a specific person at that organization.

Introduce yourself and the church in the first paragraph of the letter. Give the recipient a brief history of the church and its involvement with the community. Briefly list how many people are members of the church. If the church has specific missionary goals, or if it focuses on helping a certain group of people, let the reader know. If you feel like it is appropriate, explain what being a member of the church means to you.

Describe the church activity for which you are requesting food. Detail the goals of the activity. For example, if the activity is a fund-raising event, let the reader know what the cause is. If the event is to feed hungry people who are in need, explain this to the reader. Let the reader know how many people will be fed at the activity and how many food donations are required.

Politely ask for food donations from the recipient. Be specific about what type of food you are requesting. Let the reader know whether you are requesting perishable or non-perishable food items, or both. Tell the reader how, where and when to donate the food. If the donation is tax-deductible, indicate so in your letter. Make sure that you clearly write in the letter how many people will be fed or affected by the donation.

Thank the recipient for his time. Sign your name and provide your contact information so that the recipient can contact you with any questions.