How to Write a Check Example

by Contributor ; Updated September 14, 2015

Writing a check is extremely easy, and if you're new to the game, or you just want to make sure that you're doing it right, I wanted to show you step by step on how it can be done.

Before you write the check, make sure that you have the sufficient funds to do so. You don't want to write it out, and find that it's going to bounce on you. That's never a good thing.

Get the name that you're going to write the check to. Write this name on the line that states "pay in the order to."

Write down the date in the upper right hand corner, where it states "date."

Place the money amount in the money box. This is going to be all numbers. You shouldn't have to write anything in terms of words here.

Underneath the "pay in the order to" line, you'll want to write out the number figure in words. For example, if it's "$100.34", you will write "one hundred and 34/100." There's no need to write dollars, or cents. Always draw a line across the blank spot to stop thieves from altering your check.

In the lower left hand corner, make sure you state what the check is for. This is for your own record.

Finally, sign your check. If you don't sign, the check won't be good.