How to Write a Check in Cursive

Writing a check is a method of paying a business or person for services rendered. A check is a form of written permission authorizing the payee’s bank to withdraw funds from your checking account at your bank, and for your bank to allow the withdrawal of those funds. Writing a check is fairly simple provided you know what information is required on each line of the check; you can write your check in print or in cursive.

Write your check using a pen; using a pencil is not permitted by any bank.

Write the date on the line marked “Date” at the top right corner of the check. Because writing the date requires using numbers, you cannot write this portion of your check in cursive unless you write out the name of the month rather than the number of the month.

Enter the name of the person or business to which you are paying on the line marked “Pay to the Order of.” Write this in cursive by connecting your letters appropriately.

Write the numerical value of the check you are writing in the box with the “$” sign in front of it. For example: If your check is for $110.50, you would write it as $110.50.

Write out the dollar amount of your check on the next line using the full spelling of the amount. Connect your letters to make it cursive; for a $110.50 check, you need to write “One hundred ten dollars and 50/100.”

Sign your check on the signature line located on the bottom right side of your check. While writing your check in cursive is optional, signing your name in cursive is mandatory.