How to Write a Change of Address Letter

How to Write a Change of Address Letter. If you want your mail service to continue uninterrupted after you move to a new residence, the Post Office will ask you to fill out a Change of Address Order form and will forward your mail to your new home. However, this service is only for certain types of mail and only for a limited time. You must notify personal contacts when you relocate.

Fill out the official form at the post office as your first step. Anyone you forget to notify in person, as long as they are sending a First Class letter or parcel, will have their mail forwarded as a courtesy of the United States Postal Service.

Make a list of all your business and personal contacts. Since the post office only forwards mail for a few months, nothing sent to your old address after that, will reach you.

Compose a short letter to all the contacts you want to inform of your new mailing address. Make the letter generic so you can use a copy machine to generate many letters instead of writing them by hand. Include your new mailing address, phone number and email address if you have one.

Notify your credit card companies and any other account providers as soon as you know your new address. If you miss a payment on a revolving account, it could affect your credit rating. Some companies include a change of address form with their mailed statement.

Send a letter to your doctor and dentist's office. They need your current information and residence in order to contact you.

Write a letter to notify the senders of all your magazine subscriptions that you've moved. Unlike most First Class letters, magazines and newspapers are Second-Class mail and the post office will send them back.

Send out your letters before you move in order to ensure that your mail reaches you quickly. The post office recommends you notify friends and business associates at least 30 days in advance of your move if you know your new address.

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