Why Won't My American Express Card Work at an ATM Machine?

Why Won't My American Express Card Work at an ATM Machine?
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If you're away from home and have exhausted the funds available on your credit and debit cards, few things are going to be more annoying than your last chance of getting your hands on some cash letting you down. If the automated teller machine, or ATM, you've just put your American Express card into is telling you things are not looking good, there could be a number of reasons for your unfortunate predicament.


  • There are several reasons your American Express card may not be working at the ATM. These include not having signed up for the Express Cash Program, having a fraud protection freeze in play or using an ATM that doesn't accept Amex cards.

Express Cash Program Account

Unlike credit card providers, American Express requires card holders to sign up to its Express Cash Program if they want to be able to withdraw cash at ATMs. To enroll simply call call 1-800-CASH-NOW and let the representative know what bank account you'd like to link with this service. Once you've successfully signed up to the program, you'll be assigned a separate personal identification number (PIN) that will allow you to take advances at cash machines. If you haven't opted into the program, you won't be able to make a withdrawal.

ATM Limitations

The ATM you're attempting to use may not accept American Express cards. Although this should be made clear onscreen or in the information around the cash machine, some ATMs, especially those in other countries or in small convenience stores, may not provide details of which cards are accepted. You can find the nearest ATM that does accept American Express cards by using the company's online ATM Locator search utility.

Fraud Protection Freeze

If you rarely use your American Express card, and have recently gone on a bit of a spending spree with it, American Express may have stopped its usage. In their efforts to combat fraud, banking institutions sometimes put a stop on a card if they notice unusual spending patterns. There's also a chance that a fraudster has got hold of your card and American Express has frozen your account with good reason. You can call American Express at 800-528-4800 to check your account status.

Insufficient Balance

If you have been hitting your card hard over the past few weeks, there's always a possibility that you've maxed-out your balance. Although most ATMs will tell you that your transaction has been declined due to insufficient funds, some will only advise that they have been unable to process your request. If you suspect that you're close to your limit, call American Express at 800-528-4800, or use the ATM to check your account balance.