How to Withdraw Money From a Bank Account

How to Withdraw Money From a Bank Account
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Withdrawing money from a bank account is easily accomplished--if you have the legal right to access the account. Withdrawals can be made in a variety of ways, including through in-person bank visits and electronic transactions. You can also legally withdraw money from someone else's account with a court order.

Make ATM Withdrawals

Get Cash Back With Purchases

Wire Money Electronically

Make an Online Transfer

You can transfer money over the Internet using your online banking account. Log onto the system and click on "Transfer Money" or a similar tab. Follow the prompts to indicate how much money you want sent from your account and where. Provide the receiving account's routing number and account number when prompted.

Withdraw From Another Account

If you win a lawsuit against another party in a civil case you may be awarded a judgment. A judgment may grant you the right to withdraw money from the other person's bank account through a procedure called garnishment. A court order signed by the judge is necessary for garnishment.