How to Wire Money Through the Post Office

How to Wire Money Through the Post Office. Perhaps you have a relative living in Argentina, or a friend visiting in Mexico who needs a little cash to get by. One way to send them money internationally is to wire it at a U.S. post office. The post office offers international wire transfers to several participating countries.

Check to see if service is available in the country where you want to send money. You can find this information on the USPS website.

Find a post office location that offers money wiring. Most locations have wiring available, and you can find post offices close to your home online.

Fill out the "Send Money" form. The form asks for basic information about the sender and the receiver including names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Ask the postal clerk to wire the money. They can send it right away and it will arrive at its destination in about 15 minutes.

Get your receipt. The information on the receipt will include a confirmation number, exchange rate and fee, and the amount of local currency received. The recipient will be able to pick up the money at any participating location in his country.


  • The U.S. Post office only provides service for international wire transfers. For domestic transfers, try another service.


  • You can only wire up to $2,000 per day through the Post Office's wiring service.