How to Wire Money to a Casino

Traveling to a casino and uneasy about carrying a lot of cash with you? You can ease that concern by sending your money ahead through a wire transfer. The casinos will welcome your wire transfer and store the funds in an account bearing your name. When you arrive at the casino you'll be able to use the money in any number of ways, including paying for your room, meals, shows and gambling. Or you can withdraw cash from the account.

Sign up for a free "frequent players" card with your favorite casino. The programs have names such as "Total Rewards" and "Rockstar Club." Each card has an account number allowing the casino to track your spending and offer discounts based on your level of spending. The account number is also used to accept incoming wire transfers. Sign up for a card inside the casino or by visiting the website and clicking on the Customer Service menu tab.

Check with your casino to inquire about specific wire transmittal instructions, as they may vary from one casino to another. For example, one Las Vegas casino requires that wire transfers be for a minimum of $5,000. Also get the name of the casino's bank for incoming wire transfers, along with the bank routing number and account number. Call the number on the back of your frequent players card for help, or contact customer service.

Go to your bank and request a wire transfer using funds from your checking or savings account. Confirm your identity by presenting your driver's license or swiping your debit card at the counter and entering your personal identification number. Provide the teller with your casino's bank routing number and account number. Instruct the teller to also include a typed message with the wire transfer indicating the purpose of the transfer, such as prepayment of casino chips, room deposits or general safekeeping. Your name should also be included along with the account number from your frequent player's card. The typed instructions should request that the casino deposit the funds into your account with the casino.

Wait at least one business day and then call your casino's customer service department to confirm that the transaction was completed.