Which Roadside Service Is Better: AAA or State Farm?

Which Roadside Service Is Better: AAA or State Farm?
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Included Services

The AAA roadside service includes roadside mechanical adjustments, towing, battery replacement, flat tire repair, fuel delivery, lockout assistance, extrication assistance and personal check acceptance. Membership price varies based on the type of membership. The AAA memberships consist of basic or plus membership. The State Farm roadside service only covers towing.

Insurance Options

The AAA roadside service plans do not offer any automobile insurance options. However the State Farm roadside service is part of a general automobile insurance package. The other options included in such a package may consist of liability coverage, personal injury protection, collision, medical payments, rental reimbursement and comprehensive insurance.

Bottom Line

The AAA roadside service is better because it offers other services besides towing. For a yearly fee, you can have all of the services included in the AAA plan. You can receive roadside assistance from AAA twenty-four hours a day in the United States and Canada. If you want insurance included in a roadside service plan, then you should inquire about State Farm roadside service.