When Does a CPR Certification Expire?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training classes are designed to accommodate people who want to learn basic life support. Expiration of CPR certificates is based on the location and organization from which the certification is acquired.

Ideal Users

Anyone wanting to be prepared for an emergency situation should acquire a CPR training certificate. Professionals in health-related fields, athletic coaches, lifeguards and caregivers for the elderly or children would especially benefit from the security offered by CPR certification.


CPR certification courses are often found in combination with first aid courses. Often, free CPR classes can be found at local health care facilities or online courses can be taken for a fee. The accepted standards for established CPR certification are set by the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross.


CPR certificates usually expire somewhere after one or two years. The American Red Cross and all its national chapters recognize all CPR certificates as valid for up to one year from the course completion date or three years for first aid training. Although the American Red Cross has this national standard, some states have different expiration periods for their CPR certificates. The expiration date is listed on the certificate and on an individual's CPR card.