Welfare Eligibility in New York

Welfare Eligibility in New York
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If you lose your home or job in New York, you may consider applying for assistance from the government. Fortunately, New York offers several programs to provide food, housing and extra income to individuals and families with limited income. The amount you can receive, qualification requirements and maximum period of assistance vary by program.

Family Assistance

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program sponsors FA, which is a program that provides financial assistance to low-income families that include a minor child. Under this program, an adult applicant can only receive benefits for 60 months during his lifetime, including any months he received assistance from a TANF-funded program in another state. If individuals in the household who are able to work and don't comply with TANF work requirements, the household may receive a lower amount of benefits.

Safety Net Assistance

TANF also funds the SNA program, which is available to single adults, couples with no children, children living without adult relatives, families with members who are abusing drugs or alcohol, qualifying aliens and families who have exhausted their FA assistance. Qualified applicants can receive cash assistance for two years from this program. After two years of cash assistance, an applicant can receive additional benefits in the form of a voucher or two-party check.

Emergency Assistance

New York defines an emergency as an urgent situation that requires immediate action. Emergencies include homelessness, impending eviction, lack of heat or other utilities, starvation and abuse. New York provides emergency assistance through the Emergency Assistance to Adults program, which caters to individuals eligible for supplemental security income. Assistance is also available through the Emergency Assistance to Needy Families program, which provides for families with children, and the Emergency Safety Net Assistance program, which provides for childless couples and single adults.

Food Stamps

New York provides food stamp benefits to families with incomes below set limits. The income limit to receive benefits is higher for families with more dependents. The program will calculate a food stamp budget to determine the amount of benefits a family can receive. Some families who meet income requirements may not be eligible for food stamps if the calculated budget is low.