The Best Ways to Make Extra Money in Two Days

The Best Ways to Make Extra Money in Two Days
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Even if you have a job that pays a regular income, there may be times in your life when you need some extra cash right away. When payday is a week or more away, and you need extra money in the next couple of days, there are some sure-fire ways you can make extra cash on the spot. Pad your bank account, or pay off debts with these simple ideas.

Sell Something Online

If you have something of value that you know will sell right away, list your item for sale online. Use an online site like Ebay and Craigslist for traditional retail items, and try listing your handcrafted quilts and crafts on a site like Etsy. The exposure from these sites helps you get results fast. Ebay and Craigslist allow you to set your own parameters on the length of the sale, so price your item right, and list it as a special sale for one day only. Request an electronic payment method from your buyer, and you could have the extra cash in your account within 24 hours.

Have a Yard Sale

If you have lots of things to sell and don't have the time to wait even one day for an online transaction, host a yard sale. Make some signs with clear directions to the yard sale, and hang the signs up around your neighborhood along the busiest routes possible. Commit to monitoring your yard sale for several hours on a weekend morning or weekday evening. A yard sale is one of the best options to make money fast, because it allows you to trade your belongings for instant cash, it doesn't require any special skills and yard sales are always a draw for bargain hunters. Even a yard sale on short notice can bring in a dozen or more prospects willing to pay for your personal items.

Pawn Something

Pawn shops have been used for decades for those who needed a little extra cash in a hurry. If you have something of value such as musical instruments, jewelry or electronic equipment, you can get cash for that item. A pawn shop works like a collateral loan, where you leave your item with the pawn broker and receive cash in return. You'll get cash in your hand without even working for it, and you have a set number of days to repay the money and retrieve your item if you desire.

Hire Your Services

If you have marketable skills, hire out your services for the next couple of days. You can work as a day laborer and get paid cash on the spot. Offer your services to help a friend or family member with yard work, babysitting or home improvement projects, and request cash payment at the end of each day's work. You can fit projects into your normal work routine during the evening or weekend and make extra cash in a hurry without having to commit to a job.

Collect on Debts

If you need money in the next two days, and someone you know has borrowed money from you, now might be the time to collect on that debt. Contact or visit everyone you loaned money to, and let them know you need to be repaid today. Even if you only collect a few dollars from each person, the total can add up quickly and provide instant cash flow within a day or two. Collecting on old debts is simple and doesn't require any real work, so it can complement additional methods of making money to increase your cash total over the next two days.