Warning Signs of a Solenoid Going Out on a Transmission

••• at auto workshop image by Dmitry Goygel-Sokol from Fotolia.com

Driving your vehicle into a car repair shop can be overwhelming when you are not mechanically inclined. Be prepared when you talk to the technician. Explain in detail how your car has been acting and driving. Although a technician may want to hook your vehicle up to a car diagnostic test machine, if he says it's the solenoid, it is important that you are aware that there are warning signs when your transmission's solenoid is going out that you may have noticed.

Hard Shift

Electronic solenoids shift your car. The solenoid may be going out if you notice your car is having a problem shifting from first to second gear. The shifting problem may happen only when your car is cold, and then disappear after it has warmed up. This problem is referred to as a ‘hard shift’

Up Shift

Your transmission solenoid may be going out if you notice that your car shifts too soon. The shifting happens when your car begins to pick up speed. The early shifting at a low RPM is not good for your engine. This is referred to as ‘up shifting’.

Late Down Shift

When coming off the freeway and slowing down to exit your car is slowing down; however, if your car does not automatically downshift, or it shifts late, it may be a warning that your solenoid is wearing out. Your vehicle may come close to a stall when it comes to a stop sign.