How to Build a Wood Car

This will guide you through the process of building a wooden car for hours of enjoyment and fun. You could be getting it ready for a race at the local raceway, which could be the hill down the street. Maybe it will serve as a toy for your kid. For whatever reason you choose to build this wood car, it is sure to bring hours of fun.

Build your wooden car as a means to enjoy it. Draw a diagram of the how you want the shape of your car to look on the plywood. Cut the pieces of plywood to match all the body parts that you want the car to have. Wear the gloves and goggles so the sawdust does not hurt your eyes or hands.

Start nailing together all the different parts of the body, not forgetting the seat. Once the seat is in place and the body takes shape, make sure you do not have any exposed nails or splinters.

Attach the steering wheel to the car. In a wooden car it is just to hold onto and does not serve any purpose in steering the vehicle. Make it sturdy so it does not fall off in the driver's hands when he is driving the car.

Hold the tires or wheels in place with the rods. Turn the car over and attach the rods to the bottom of the car with clamps. Make sure they are in sturdily, so the whole thing does not come apart while driving.

Size of the wheels either big or small depending on the speed you want. It could have wooden wheels or wheels with tires. If more speed is required you could attach ball bearings on the rods before attaching the wheels in place. But for our example we are not including them.

Smooth the whole structure to remove the small splinters and rough edges. Sand the whole car and make it nice and smooth. Once the sandpapering is done, the car will be ready to be painted.

Go wild with the colors to be unique. Put on a coat of primer before you paint the vehicle. Once the primer dries you can do a couple coats with the colors you like. Your car is almost ready for the unveiling.

Paint numbers in the front and back as well as on both sides if the car. You want it to look like a race car as much as possible. This makes it more fun for the driver, especially if the driver is a child.


  • Make a shape pleasing to the eye and finish your car in the color of your choice.


  • Make sure all the splinters are out when you sandpaper. You do not want to hurt your kid or anyone else.