How to Get a Visa Gift Card in Euros

Visa gift cards are prepaid cards that can be loaded with different amounts of money depending on your needs and wants. Anywhere that Visa is accepted, both domestic and international, you can use your gift card. This includes purchases on the Internet. You need not be concerned about the type of money on the card, such as whether it's in dollars or euros, because the card will automatically convert the amount.

Purchase your Visa gift card. You can buy them in person at major retailers and some banks such as Chase, or you can buy them online at Visa's homepage.

Put an amount of money onto the card. You can pay in cash if you're buying the card in person, or you can use your debit/credit card when purchasing the card on the Internet. The amount of money that you pay is in addition to the fees for buying the card and "charging" it. If you're purchasing in the United States, you will have to pay in U.S. dollars. However, if you buy the card from a European website or while in Europe, you can put an amount of money on the card in euros.

Use the card to make purchases. Anyplace that accepts Visa cards will accept a gift card, and if you have euros and you're making purchases in dollars or vice versa, then the card will automatically translate the type of money on your card for making the purchase.