How to View My Visa Credit Card Account Online

The evolution of the Internet has provided consumers with many different convenience features. One convenient function is the ability to check the Visa account online. The ability to check your Visa account online varies depending on your credit card provider, but in most cases you can check your balance, see your account activity and check your available credit without picking up the phone.

Check with a credit card provider before signing up for your Visa card to see if offers online access for your Visa account. According to Visa, the card issuer determines access to your account information. So before you sign up for a card, be sure Visa offers online access.

Apply for online account access once your card has been issued. In some cases this may require you filling out a form over the Internet, and in other cases all you would need is to log into the provider's website with your account number. If you have any questions, just call the customer service phone number on the back of your Visa card.

Log in to your card account and view your balance and any other information you may need pertaining to your Visa card. Keep in mind that it may take one or two business days for purchases to show up on your account, and it also may take one or two business days for your payment to be applied.

Become familiar with your online Visa account and understand how to find the different features and functions you may need to find to keep track of your account.

Print out any online statements that have incorrect information, such as a purchase you did not make or a credit limit increase you did not ask for. Always call customer service, with the copy of your online statement in front of you, to discuss problems with your account.


  • It is a good idea to print out your online statement every month and keep it safely filed in an expandable file folder. Online statements are only archived for a year or less, and if you need something that is more than a year old it would be easier if you had it already printed.