How to Use Webmoney

Moscow, Russia-based WebMoney is a global online funds transfer and payment system that enables individuals and businesses to send and receive invoices and payments online. Unlike other online payment and money transfer systems, WebMoney transactions cannot be reversed or canceled. You can use WebMoney through a standalone application or through the WebMoney website once you have set up a WebMoney account.

Register for an account on WebMoney. You will be prompted to choose the level of service, such as Mini, Classic or Light. When you have finished the registration process you will have a money repository referred to as a WebMoney purse.

Fund your WebMoney purse by wire transfer. Other WebMoney users may also deposit funds into your purse.


Withdraw funds from your WebMoney purse. You can have money wired to your bank account or transfer funds to other WebMoney users.


Purchase goods from online vendors. The WebMoney website provides a list of online merchants that accept WebMoney as a payment method.


Send and receive invoices to and from other WebMoney users. Companies that use WebMoney are listed in the WebMoney interface.



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