How to Use XOOM Online to Transfer Money in Other Country

How to Use XOOM Online to Transfer Money in Other Country
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Xoom is an international money transfer service with thousands of locations for delivery overseas. You don't have to travel any farther than your computer to send funds to loved ones and friends. The electronic options for sending money to other countries make sending money convenient for you and your recipient. Choose the online transfer options at Xoom for quick service to 30 countries as of 2011.

Register for a free Xoom account at the company's website. When you register for a Xoom account, you will enter your country of residence. You need to provide your name, email address and country of residence. You will also select a password for your account login.

Complete your registration by consenting to the user agreement and site terms. Xoom immediately logs you into your newly created account.

Choose a money transfer destination country from Section 1 of the "Send Money" drop down box list. If your recipient does not live in one of the countries in the list, you cannot send money to them using Zoom.

Type the amount of money you want to send in Section 2 under "How much do you want to send,” by entering an amount in U.S. dollars and cents. Xoom automatically displays the currency conversion rate and amount that it will pay in local currency to your recipient.

Select the radio button next to the delivery option of your choice under Section 3 “How do you want the money received?” when more than one option is available. All countries have cash pickup. Xoom only displays bank deposit and delivery to door when they apply to your transfer destination.

Enter your recipient’s contact details and identification options for the pickup option you choose. For pickup, you must provide the full name, address, phone and an email, if available. You need the recipient’s bank routing number and account number for bank account deposits.

Select the bank that the recipient will use if you are sending you transfer to bank account or select the pickup location from the Xoom partner agency list.

Enter the credit or debit card or bank account that you will use for the funds transfer and authorize Xoom’s fees to complete your online transaction.


  • Xoom registrants can live in any country, but all transfers must be completed using a U.S. bank account or cards issued by a U.S. bank. The pickup options vary by country. Fees vary, depending on the amount transferred and the delivery option that you choose.


  • Review the transfer fees displayed in the transfer option screen before you proceed.