How to Use the Bloomberg Terminal to Analyze Mutual Funds

Bloomberg is a database containing investment data on a computer system that most financial institutions have for analysts to research investment information on. Analysts can access everything from the latest news to the latest earnings reports on a variety of different asset classes. Asset classes include commodities, currencies, bonds and equities. Bloomberg classifies mutual funds as equities, and you can use the keys at the top of the Bloomberg terminal to specify which asset class you are interested in researching.

Determine the ticker symbol for the mutual fund you want to look up. You can do this by contacting the mutual fund company or going to the mutual fund managers website.

Find the function key for mutual funds. Each key at the top of the keyboard terminal has a different research function and represents a different asset class. is for mutual funds and other equity based assets such as stocks, options and warrants.

Research the latest news or research on the mutual fund by entering the ticker symbol for the stock followed by and then . Then select choice number seven.

Conduct a return analysis. You can view the relative performance of the mutual fund against other mutual funds by entering the ticker symbol, , and then selecting option number 10.

Review the fundamental earnings for the company. Enter the ticker symbol, , and choose option number nine.