How to Use Public Welfare to Get an Education

How to Use Public Welfare to Get an Education
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Public welfare is a program that gives money to those in need. Welfare is a national program, but is handed out through state organizations and uses federal money that has been distributed to the states. Each state has different qualifications for welfare. If you qualify for the monthly payments, you can use those payments to help get an education.

Gather welfare payments each month, so that you don't need to have a job. When you aren't working, you are free every day and every night. This gives you the time that you need to go to school. Use your welfare payments to cover your living expenses like rent, food and utilities. Take out loans and apply for grants to cover the costs of school. That way, you are using welfare as a means to support yourself while you are in school.

Use welfare payments to pay your tuition. You can do this if you qualify for welfare, but you don't have many living expenses. If you live with your parents or in a home where you don't pay rent, scrimp and save on everything else - get rid of your cell phone and buy cheap food - and use the welfare money to pay for your tuition.

List your welfare status on your applications for grants and financial aid. When a school sees that you are on welfare, they will often provide you with some sort of alternative way of going to school. You might get loans at a very low rate, or you may qualify for a tuition reduction. Many schools have hardship grants based on your welfare status. If you qualify for welfare, school might become a lot more affordable.

Apply for federal loans. On your application, state welfare as part of your income. Being on welfare will sometimes allow you to get more in federal loans, including living expenses.