How to Use Click 'n' Pull at Sam's Club

How to Use Click 'n' Pull at Sam's Club
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Sam's Club, a retail warehouse club, offers a Club Pickup service -- previously known as Click 'n' Pull -- that lets members opt to order products online via the Sam's Club website or mobile app and pick up their orders the next business day. Using this service is a simple and straightforward process. Certain items, including apparel, alcoholic beverages, jewelry, mobile phones and books, are not available using the Club Pickup service.

How to Use Club Pickup

Log in to your online Sam's Club membership account to view all items available at your chosen Sam's Club location. Club Pickup service is available on product pages featuring a "Pick Up in Club" option in addition to the standard shipping option. After making an online order, you will receive an order confirmation text or email you will need to show when picking up your items. If a Club Pickup order is placed before 5 p.m., it will be ready for pickup the next business day at the member services desk. Payment is made when you pick up the item, although online payments can be made at select Sam's Club locations.

Additional Features

Members can utilize Club Pickup Lists and Easy Reorder options online to quickly view and reorder previously purchased items. There is no minimum purchase when placing a Club Pickup order and members can choose the date and time of pickup if desired.