How to Use Multiple Visa Gift Cards

Purchase goods and pay for services using multiple Visa gift cards. If your balance on one card is running low, use the money from another card to complete your transaction. Nearly all brick-and-mortar retailers will swipe multiple Visa gift cards for one purchase, if they accept credit and debit cards. You may also be able to use multiple cards for online shopping, depending on the website.

Hand the cashier the first Visa gift card you wish to use. Tell him that you may need to add funds from other cards if the amount on the first card is insufficient.

Hand over subsequent cards one at a time, as is necessary. Once the transaction is done, ask the cashier to tell you the balance remaining on the last card and make sure that you get back the card.

Find out if a website allows the use of multiple gift cards by going to the checkout page of the site. Look for an “Add another card” option or something similarly worded. You will note be able to use multiple cards if that option is not available. Where it is available, enter the details of each Visa gift card in the appropriate boxes once you have placed all your items in the shopping cart. Enter a charge price for each card. Make sure the total price for all cards adds up to the total purchase.


  • Make sure the cashier returns your gift cards. He may forget due to handling multiple cards.