How to use a Money Converter for Currency

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Using an online money converter for currency is relatively easy. A money conversion calculator converts money from one currency to another currency. An online currency converter is an essential tool for business or travel purposes. Currency rates are usually available alongside the currency converter or money converter calculator on financial websites.

Locate an online money converter for currency. Two popular money converter calculators are MSN Currency Converter and XE Online Currency Converter. You can find links in the References section. These sites also show currency rates.

Enter the amount of money you wish to convert to another currency using the online money converter or currency converter. You may also enter the number 1 to get an exchange rate between two different currencies.

Choose the currency that you wish to convert the money from. Choose the currency that you wish to convert the money to. Press enter, submit, or convert button. View the results.


  • A currency converter can be used for educational purpose. Using an online currency converter calculator is great to teach children about money and currency from different countries. A money conversion calculator is great to use before you take a trip to a foreign country.


  • Fees are often charged by banks to convert your money from one currency to another. Currency rates go up and down quite often depending upon market conditions in the world currency markets.


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