How to Use Greyhound Betting Software

Greyhound betting was once a fairly complicated process. You had to find a track in your area and drive to the track before placing a single bet. Then you needed to take a look at the statistics, which were usually printed in very small type to figure out which dogs were the best. Then and only then could you actually bet on one of those races. Now you can easily place bets from home without all the hassles simply by using greyhound betting software.

Open your Internet browser and visit the Quick Racing Software, where you can download a free trial of Quick Dog. Quick Dog is one of the most popular greyhound betting programs around because it includes historical information on tracks and information relating to the dogs’ previous performance.

Set up your computer to run the program. You’ll need to set your SPAM filter to allow the company’s email address to send messages because they may need to contact you in the future. In addition you’ll need to change your firewall program to allow the software to connect to the internet.

Click on the Quick Dog application to get the program up and running on your computer. When you open the software for the first time, click on the Interview button at the top of the screen. This will take you through a quick tutorial to help you get started and it also begins downloading information specific to your area.

Download as much information from historical records as you need or want. Quick Dog lets you connect to their website and select any records that you want. You can also select different tracks in your area or even choose tracks that are further from your house that you still want to bet at.

Use the Supertune option to keep track of any bets you make. It records any bets you make on greyhounds and stores it for future use. Once you’ve used the program a few times, it will begin estimating bets for you based on your history and pick the dogs you’re most likely to be interested in.


  • Spend some time playing with the software before you make a bet. This gives you the chance to set everything up to your liking and to let the program start following your history.


  • There are other websites that allow you to make bets from your home, but make sure you do your research before downloading anything. Some of these programs might try to install spyware on your computer.