How to Use a GM Card Rebate

How to Use a GM Card Rebate
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Employees and suppliers of General Motors with one of the company’s branded credit cards can earn money to spend on a new GM vehicle. GM refers to the cash earned on the cards through spending as “earnings” and allows cardholders to put those earnings toward a new vehicle. You cannot redeem your earnings on used cars or leases.

GM Extended Family Card

To redeem your earnings from your GM Extended Family Card, which offers 1 percent back on all purchases, visit your local GM dealer and choose a car. You can also search for vehicles online through the GM Cards eligible vehicle search tool. You’ll need a vehicle authorization number, which you can get through your GM Family First online account. Give the dealer your GM Extended Family card information and your authorization number and it deducts the savings from your vehicle’s total cost.

BuyPower Card

The GM BuyPower Card has a similar process for redemption as the GM Extended Family Card except you cannot use your GM employee or supplier discount when you redeem your earnings. You can, however, take advantage of any other sales programs or incentives available at that time. Earnings can go toward your down payment or you can use it to lower your monthly payments or add additional equipment and features to your vehicle.