How to Use Facebook to Get Free Coupons

How to Use Facebook to Get Free Coupons
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Facebook is an online networking site that allows friends to connect to each other. In the past few years, however, many businesses set up profiles on the website as a way to connect to consumers for free. As the popularity of Facebook grows, so does the popularity of manufacturers placing deals and coupons on the site specifically for Facebook users. With a little effort, Facebook users can find many coupons, some even for free products.

Sign up for a Facebook profile if you do not already have one. On the homepage,, simply enter your full name, email, password, sex and birthdate. Press "sign up" to complete the process. You can set up a profile to connect with friends or simply keep it blank and use the application only for gathering coupons.

Log in to your Facebook account by entering your email and password.

Search for your favorite brands by entering their name in the search bar at the top of the page. For example, search for Nabisco if you like Oreo cookies. You may get several listings for the same name, typically, the official page has several hundred thousand fans.

Hit the "like" button at the top of the manufacturer's page to become a fan or follower of the product. Typically, if a coupon is available for their products, it is listed under the tab "offers" or a link is placed in the status update, which is at the top of the page.

Watch your daily updates to see when new coupon links are posted. Sometimes, the manufacturers offer free recipes, contests and other offers besides coupons that you may enjoy. Free samples are another way in which the companies use Facebook to market to their fans.


  • Join coupon Facebook pages for updates on manufacturers who post new coupons. Facebook pages of SouthernSavers, Koupon Krazy, and The Krazy Koupon Lady post daily deals for stores, as well as printable coupons on Facebook and other websites as well.


  • If you use your Facebook account to connect with friends, create a limited profile with very little (if any) private information on it to connect with the manufacturers pages. Click on "account" in the top right hand side of the page and select "account settings" to limit what the businesses can see on your page.