How to Use EFTPS

How to Use EFTPS. If you would like to pay federal taxes online, EFTPS (or the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) may be just what you're looking for. This simple, user friendly system debits your payments within one business day or can schedule them in advance. For convenience and security, EFTPS is the best way to pay federal taxes online. Read on to learn more.


Visit the EFTPS website. (See our Resources section). Make sure the browser shows a locked padlock, and then choose "Login."

Sign in to the EFTPS system with your Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Social Security number (SSN). You must also enter your Internet password and 4 digit assigned Personal Identification Number (PIN). Hit Enter or select the "Next" button.

Choose "Make a Tax Payment," "Cancel a Tax Payment" or "Check Payment History."

Make a Tax Payment

Choose the appropriate tax form. You can enter the number or choose from the drop down menu. Hit "Next."

Mark the appropriate payment type. In most cases, it will be "Federal Tax Deposit." Click "Next."

Enter the payment amount and appropriate tax period. (Note: The tax period must be set for the tax period due, not the tax period you're in). The payment debit will default to the next business day unless you designate a different date. (Note: To make a payment in less than 24 hours, you must use another payment method, such as a local bank or emergency payment service). Choose "Next."

Fill in sub category amounts. (Disregard if not applicable. Not all tax forms require sub category amounts). Click "Next."

Verify the payment information. Go back and correct any mistakes. Then hit "Make Payment." After processing, the payment receipt will appear. Print a copy for your tax records.

Cancel a Tax Payment

Choose the "Cancel a Tax Payment" tab.

Select the scheduled payment you intend to cancel. (Note: You can't cancel payments scheduled to debit in less than 48 hours).

Verify the payment is the correct one for cancellation and choose "Cancel Payment."

Print the cancellation confirmation for your records.

Check Payment History

Pick the "Check Payment History" tab.

Select the time frame you wish to see. (Note: EFTPS can only check online payment history for the past 16 months. For offline or older payments, contact the IRS. (800) 829-1040 for individual taxpayers; businesses can call (800) 829-4933.)

Check the details of the payments shown. The final column denotes whether the payment is scheduled or already settled.

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