How to Use a Debit Mastercard

How to Use a Debit Mastercard
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Paying with a debit card is preferred by many consumers who like the fact the funds are automatically deducted from their checking account when purchasing a good or service. Another benefit is that, unlike credit cards, debit cards do not bill the holder any interest charges for use. In addition, your liability for unauthorized use of your debit card is capped at a limit of $50, as long as you report your lost or stolen card within two business days of the time you discover it is missing. Debit cards can be used in a variety of convenient ways to meet your financial needs.

Activate your debit MasterCard when you first receive it by calling the number provided by the issuer or completing the activation process online.

Purchase goods or services with your debit card at any merchants who accept MasterCard. Swipe your card through the credit card processing machine and choose to make the payment via your personal identification number (PIN) or your signature. Either way will result in the deduction of the required funds from your funding account.

Make withdrawls of cash from ATM machines that accept your particular debit card. Look on the back of the card to see which logo you have, such as Pulse or Cirrus, to inform you which cash machines are compatible with your card. Enter your PIN, when prompted, to make a withdrawal.

Enter your number and the expiration date, as well as the verification code, if required, to purchase goods or services online. Funds will be deducted automatically from your account when you make a purchase.


  • Keep a running record of your current balance with all debits or deposits so you will be aware of your available funds.


  • Never provide your PIN number to anyone, even if they ask you. Your PIN is private, and should never be shared for security reasons.