How to Use a Credit Card As Earnest Money

How to Use a Credit Card As Earnest Money
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An earnest money payment is a deposit placed towards buying a house or property. Many real estate agents require an earnest money payment before the mortgage comes through, then apply the earnest money towards the down payment or closing expenses. Although cash and check are the standard methods of making an earnest money payment, other forms of money are typically acceptable, including credit cards.

Ask the real estate agent if he accepts credit cards. Each agent is going to have a different stance on this. Because the money transfers from your card to his account, most do not have an issue with this. However, the amount for the earnest money payment may increase due to the usage rate charged by the credit card company.

Fill in the 16 digits found on the front of the credit card on the provided earnest money payment form. Include the expiration date and the CVC code (the three-digit code on the back of Visa your MasterCard, or the four-digit code on the front of your American Express card). Write in the billing address and any other included information.

Wait for the credit card to approve the transaction. It may take a few days before the charge appears on the account.