How to Use Online Coupon Sites Without Having a Printer

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Online coupon sites often offer money-saving coupons, much like the coupons you have probably clipped from your Sunday newspaper. The benefit of online coupons is that they generally can be used online and in stores. Although some online coupon sites offer coupons that you must print and bring to the store, many others offer various ways to use their coupons even if you do not have a printer in your home.

Shop online instead of in-store and enter your online coupon code at checkout. Many online coupon sites provide coupon codes from major retailers like and online sites like that can only be used when shopping online.

Save your coupon to your smartphone and allow the cashier to scan the coupon from your phone at checkout. Printable coupons have a barcode that cashiers can scan even if the coupon is not printed. Some stores, however, require that your coupon be surrendered at time of purchase.

Download coupon apps that work exclusively with your cell phone. Many coupon apps search online coupon sites to find coupons that can be used in-store. Cashiers can scan the coupons from your phone or type the code directly into the register.

Print in-store coupons from a friend's house or a library. Printable coupons are generally in .PDF form and can be saved and printed later if you do not have a printer in your home.


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