How to Use Comdata With PayPal

When you link your Comdata payroll debit card with your PayPal account, you can transfer money from PayPal to your Comdata account. Linking the accounts also allows you to use the Comdata card as a backup payment source in case your PayPal account is low and you want to make a purchase using the account. Once you link your accounts, you can also apply for a PayPal MasterCard or upgrade your account to a PayPal Business account.

Access the website and log in to your account with your email address and password.

Click “Profile” in the top menu to view additional options for your account.

Click “My Money,” then click “Update” next to “Bank Accounts.”

Click “Add Bank” and enter the information for your Comdata account.

Click “Continue” and review the information you entered for accuracy. If it's correct, click “Submit.” If not, click “Back” and correct the information.

Wait three to four days and check your Comdata account for two small deposits from PayPal. Write down the amounts of the deposits.

Open your PayPal account in a Web browser and click “Confirm Bank Account” in the right panel.

Enter the deposit amounts in the appropriate fields and click “Confirm.” A confirmation message is displayed if the amounts entered were correct, and your account can now accept PayPal transfers.


  • Comdata offers employees online management of their debit card accounts. Each company that utilizes Comdata services is assigned a website for employees to access their accounts. Contact your employer for information such as the website and username.

    Comdata customer support is available at 800-226-3931 for assistance if you're unable to access your account information online.