How to Use a Checkbook Holder

How to Use a Checkbook Holder
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A checkbook holder serves the purpose of holding and protecting your checks and account balancing forms. There are many different types and styles of checkbook holders. Checkbook holders range from the very basic--which only holds your checks--to others that are elaborately constructed to hold credit cards, cash, calculators and pens making up a full wallet. Most are made of leather or leather-like materials on the exterior for protection of your official bank documents. You will use a checkbook holder to carry your current series of personal checks--and/or other items depending on the style--as you travel, shop and write checks for payments and bills.

Determine which type of checkbook holder will fit your lifestyle. Opt for the basic checkbook holder that will only hold your checks if you are not the type to carry a rectangular wallet with bulk. A basic checkbook holder will also serve the purpose of storing checks at home should you only write checks to mail when paying bills.

Choose a wallet-constructed checkbook holder for convenience if you travel with your checks and use them often to make purchases when shopping. You will have compartments to store your pen, account balance ledger, debit/credit cards, cash and in some a calculator to help balance your checkbook with ease.

Purchase the checkbook holder of your choice. Insert the cardboard end of your current check series into the flap on the area of your checkbook holder structured to hold your checks. Insert any other items are accessories according to the construction of the checkbook holder you have chosen. Store in a safe place that is also convenient for your access in the most common circumstances you will write checks.