How to Update a Passbook

Years ago banks used to issue customers savings account passbooks, to keep track of their deposits, withdrawals and interest earnings. Passbooks had to be updated by hand. Some passbooks are updated when the teller inserts it into the printer. Whenever activity occurred on an account the transaction had to written in the passbook by the teller. A new balance was also inserted. These types of accounts are not as popular as they once were but can still be requested. If someone wants to update his passbook records banks have a process to handle this.

Visit your bank with your passbook. Ask a teller to help you update your passbook savings account. The teller will be able to generate a computer printout with all of your account activity. Look over the information to see if everything matches your passbook records. Even if your passbook was not updated, with your last transaction, it will be in the bank's computer system.

Ask to speak with a manager or sales associate. If you still need clarification regarding your passbook account a representative from the management staff will speak with you. Any transactions you have questions about the manager will be able to provide you with the correct information.

Update all of the information you may be missing. If you find discrepancies make sure this information is now included in your passbook. Make sure all future transactions are included as well. This process will allow you to keep efficient records.