About Universal Gasoline Credit Cards

Are you thinking about applying for a gasoline credit card? If so, you should consider getting a universal gas card. Universal gasoline credit cards are quite popular today, and many people use them on a regular basis. However, before applying for a universal gas card, you should learn more about this type of credit card so you can decide if this card is right for you.


Universal gasoline credit cards look very similar to standard credit cards. In fact, all universal gasoline credit cards have the merchant’s name located on the front of the card along with the customer’s name and the card’s expiration date. Also, the words gasoline, fuel or fleet are also imprinted on the front of the card. However, you may or may not see the word “universal” written on the credit card itself. In addition, universal gasoline credit cards come in a variety of designs and colors in order to suit the customers interests and needs.


When it comes to universal gasoline credit cards, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of cards. There are a variety of merchants all over the United States that offer these types of cards for consumers. You may choose to apply for a fuel only card or a fuel and vehicle maintenance credit card. There are also universal gasoline cards specifically designed for businesses and corporations. In addition, you may also select a specific credit card brand, such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover.


It is fairly easy to obtain a universal gasoline credit card. The application process is rather simple, and it normally does not take long to get approved for a gas credit card (if you meet the minimum requirements). Many merchants allow customers to complete the application process either online, over the telephone with a customer service representative or by filling out a paper application and mailing it to that merchant. After you apply for a card and get approved for it, you will receive your new card in the mail in just a matter of time. However, you must call and activate your card before you can actually begin using it. Once your card is activated, you may use your new credit card to pay for your fuel purchases and possibly pay for your auto repairs and maintenance services too.


The biggest benefit for using universal gasoline credit cards is that you can use these cards at practically any fuel and diesel station in the United States. This makes it very convenient for customers, since you do not have to locate a specific gas station to make your purchases. You can simply visit any fuel station that accepts credit cards. Also, most universal gasoline credit cards come with special rewards, cash back savings or gas rebate programs. And as a result, you actually save money each time that you use your gas card to make purchases.


There are several things that you should beware of when it comes to universal gasoline credit cards. First of all, in order to qualify for this kind of credit card, you normally need to possess good or excellent credit. You may also need to meet certain income guidelines as well. Secondly, there are usually certain fees that accompany universal gasoline credit cards, such as interests rates and annual membership fees. Please keep in mind that you may also have to pay additional fees if you exceed your credit limit or fail to pay your bill on time. Lastly, if you are late with your monthly payments, the merchant may report this information to the credit bureaus.