How to Find Unclaimed Policies & Stocks

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Ever year, people lose track of old insurance policies, payments, stock certificates, bank accounts and other financial assets. When those accounts remain dormant, the funds are turned over to the state, which then posts a notice of them in an attempt to reunite them with their owners. If those assets still go unclaimed, they are turned over to the state treasury, so it is a good idea to check for any money and stocks you might have coming to you.

Review your financial records, including old insurance policies, bank account statements and brokerage statements. Contact the company holding those assets if you wish to liquidate them.

Log on to the website of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. The website address is

Click on your state on the map to be connected to that state's treasury department. Click on any additional states where you lived or held assets.

Enter your last name and part of your first name into the search box. The search results will show the full name of the person who held those assets, as well as the name of the town where they lived when those stocks or insurance policies were held.

Contact the state treasury if the search shows that you have money coming your way. Complete the claim forms on the department's website to claim the assets. Provide identification when claiming the money and otherwise follow the claim instructions on your state's website.