What Type of I.D. Do I Need to Cash a Check?

What Type of I.D. Do I Need to Cash a Check?
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Whether you are trying to cash a personal or payroll check, you will likely be required to present a valid form of identification to the financial institution. This is to prevent identity theft and is required to ensure the check is not stolen. You are required to use a form of identification that includes a photograph of you so the teller can compare your face to the picture on your I.D. Some check cashing stores are also required to collect your Social Security number when you cash a check, though you don't have to present your Social Security card.


  • When you're ready to cash a check, you'll need to provide proof of your identity. You can do this with a photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport or school ID.

Driver's License

A driver's license is the most common form of identification used to cash a check. Not only does a driver's license have a photograph of your face printed on the card, it also has your name, address and other valid information for comparison. A learner's permit is also an acceptable form of identification in many places.

A Work or School ID

Some check cashing stores will accept a privately issued photo I.D. to cash a check, including a work or school I.D. card that has your name and picture on it.

State Identification Card

A state identification card is issued by the government and can be obtained through any Department of Motor Vehicles office or your state's equivalent. A state identification card is an acceptable form of I.D. to use when cashing a check as it contains a photo of you, your name, date of birth and address.

Military Identification Card

Like a driver's license and a state identification card, a military I.D card can be used to cash a check. A military identification card contains all of the information a teller will need to reference to confirm your identity before cashing a check.

Passport Book or Card

A passport is another commonly accepted form of identification that can be used to cash a check. Most financial institutions will accept a traditional passport book or a passport card in place of a state-issued identification card.

Utility Bill

A utility bill may be required as a second form of identification if the financial institution will not accept your photo identification alone. This may happen if you are using an out-of-state bank or a bank that you do not have an account through. Providing a driver's license, state identification card or military identification card in addition to a utility bill will generally serve as enough proof of your identity to cash a check.