About the Travelers Insurance Company

Travelers Insurance Co. offers many products and services to individuals, businesses and organizations in the United States and other countries. The company networks with companies in 90 countries or more to fill insurance needs besides personal and business property and casualty insurance. Travelers uses a red umbrella as its logo. At one point, Citigroup owned the umbrella symbol because it did not sell the rights when it sold Travelers. Even though the umbrella had been its long-standing symbol, when Travelers became independent, it had to repurchase the right to use it from Citigroup.


In 1853, 17 businessmen from St. Paul, Minnesota, started a company for fire and marine insurance -- the St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Eleven years later, 10 other businessmen formed a company to insure people traveling by steamboat or railroad against personal injury or potentially loss of life. This was the Travelers Property Casualty Co. The Travelers Property Casualty Co. wrote the first auto insurance policy in 1897. Through the years, there were many mergers and changes, and in 2004 Travelers Property Casualty Co. merged with St. Paul and became St. Paul Travelers. Later, the name changed to The Travelers Cos. Primerica bought The Travelers Cos. When it again became an independent company, Travelers bought Aetna's P&C company. Next, Travelers merged with Citigroup, and then Metropolitan Life acquired Travelers. Finally, Travelers became an independent entity again.

Personal Insurance

Travelers offers many types of property and casualty insurance for individuals. The company sells homeowners insurance, umbrella liability policies, condominium and tenant insurance, flood insurance, automobile insurance and boat insurance. It even carries coverage for identity theft, personal property and wedding coverage. The company writes so much auto and homeowners through independent agents that it ranks in the No. 2 position of insurance companies used by independents.

Business Insurance

Travelers writes property and casualty insurance for businesses of all sizes. It has separate departments that underwrite business according to the size of the company. Travelers also has specialists for some industries and all types of property and casualty products. The number of commercial property and casualty policies it writes puts it in the No. 2 position for the United States.


Insurance companies rank according to assets, premium written and finally revenue. In 2008, Travelers had $21.7 billion premium written, its revenue was $24.5 billion, and it had total assets of $109.8 billion. On the list of the Fortune 500 companies -- large U.S. corporations -- Travelers is ranked 99th out of all companies. It has high ratings for financial strength year after year.


Part of the company is Financial, Professional & International Insurance. This branch contains the subsidiary the Bond & Financial Products. It provides bonds to protect a company from management and professional liability and coverage in the event there's crime against the business. That subsidiary is primarily in the United States, but Travelers also has businesses operating in Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Lloyd's of London is part of Travelers.


You may see a red umbrella in the window or on the wall of your insurance agent's office. It means that the agent offers products from the Travelers. Travelers doesn’t normally have its own offices to sell insurance but instead uses independent agents to market the products. There is a network of more than 12,000 independent insurance agents selling Travelers insurance products.