How to Transfer the Ownership of a Treasury Bill

How to Transfer the Ownership of a Treasury Bill
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There are many reasons to transfer the ownership of a U.S. Treasury bill, such as distributing an estate, dissolving a trust, giving a gift or collateralizing a loan. There are two ways to accomplish this task: Have your broker do it, or do it yourself directly with the U.S. Treasury via, the agency's online service and information center.

Double-check the exact title and Social Security number under which your Treasury bills are registered. If they were purchased in your TreasuryDirect account, use that account information to transfer the securities to the new owner.

Double-check the exact title and Social Security number of the person or legal entity to which ownership will be transferred.

Gather the pertinent paperwork, such as living trusts, wills, death certificates, trust indentures for minor children, original security purchase documentation, existing certificates or where the securities are held in safekeeping.

Open a new TreasuryDirect account (at for the new owner or obtain the account information for an existing TreasuryDirect account.

Fill out the form available from (available at the link provided in the Resources section below). Follow the directions carefully and contact the Treasury's customer service number (304-480-7711) if you need assistance.

Mail the completed form with all supporting documentation to the Department of the Treasury at the address listed on the form.


  • Your broker, financial adviser or attorney can perform the ownership transfer for you but will probably charge an additional service fee. You will still have to gather and provide the necessary documentation unless it is already in that person's possession.

    If you perform the transfer work yourself, make sure to send your documents by Certified Mail.


  • Any small error in registrations, Social Security numbers, account or certificate numbers can become difficult to fix, so it is best to have someone carefully check your work before you send in the documents.