How to Transfer Money From Turkey

How to Transfer Money From Turkey
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Turkey is a country with a strong banking system that enables travelers and foreigners to transfer funds to and from the country. Transferring money from Turkey is similar to transferring from other more-Western countries. The most important elements of transferring money from Turkey are the details of the receiving bank and ensuring proper identification.

Use Money-Transfer Companies

Locate the nearest branch location within the city. Money-transfer companies have branches in large cities around the world and funds can be moved from one branch to another. To locate the nearest location in Turkey, go to the specific company website for location details of the city nearest you.

Note all the information needed to transfer your funds. Make sure you have your passport, the receiving branch information and the amount limit (minimum or maximum) to be transferred.

Take your money to the nearest location with required information.

Transfer your money from Turkey to your destination. The teller will provide a transaction number and timing as to when the funds will reach the destination.

Use a Local Bank to Transfer Money

Gather the destination banking information: bank name, account number, address and routing number.

Go to the local bank in which you have a bank account. Provide the destination bank information to your Turkish bank via a bank form and sign the form. Remember to take a copy for your records.

Note the transfer confirmation on your form. Once the transfer is initiated the Turkish bank will provide a confirmation number and time it will take for the funds to arrive to the destination bank.

Check with the receiving bank that the funds have been received. Once the time period of the transfer is completed contact the destination bank to confirm funds have arrived to the proper account. There will be a transfer fee that the bank will charge to the recipient. This fee will be deducted prior to the funds being deposited to the receiving bank; if you were to transfer US$100 and the fee from the sending bank is US$20, the recipient will receive US$80.

Use a Local's Bank Account

Find a trustworthy individual with a local bank account. If you are visiting Turkey, you might have meet locals that you trust or might have friends that you trust to help you transfer funds from Turkey using their bank account.

Provide them the funds in cash to be deposited in their bank account. Plus provide the transfer information: receiving bank-account number, routing number, name and address of the account holder.

Go to the bank with the owner of the account. Have the individual complete the necessary forms and ensure the transfer is complete by requesting a confirmation number and transfer time-line from the bank.

Call the recipient bank on the date the funds are supposed to arrive to confirm the transfer.


  • Using a money-transfer company is more expensive than using the local bank.