How to Transfer Money to Taiwan

How to Transfer Money to Taiwan
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Besides the traditional bank drafts and money orders, nowadays there are several other ways of sending money abroad. In fact, you do not even have to go anywhere for sending the money as you can do it online through companies such as Ikobo and ATM Cash, that allow you to send the money in a prepaid Visa card that the recipient can use to withdraw the cash. Another way of sending money is through PayPal, which allows you to send the funds to the recipient’s email address, from where he can deposit them into his bank account.

Send Prepaid Card

Click the two links in Resources to calculate the fees of ATM Cash and Ikobo. Both the companies have different fee structures. After calculating, you can decide the company that charges the lesser of the two.

Register with the company . When the website opens, click on “Sign Up.”

Select your country and enter your name, email address, home address, and credit/debit card/bank account information.

Click on “Send Money.”

Enter the recipient’s name, full address and the amount you want to transfer.

Confirm that you want to send the money. The recipient will then receive a prepaid card via FedEx from the company used to send the funds. The prepaid card is loaded with the transferred funds. For security reasons, the company will email you (the sender) the PIN code of the prepaid card.

Contact the recipient in Taiwan and share the PIN code. The recipient can then withdraw the cash from any ATM in Taiwan.

Send Money Online

Go to PayPal’s website from Resources and click on “Sign Up.” If you already have an account on PayPal, just log in and skip Step 2.

Enter your email address, contact details and bank account/credit or debit card information.

Click on “Send Money” after signing up/signing in.

Enter the recipient’s email address and enter the amount you want to transfer. Also, specify whether you want to send the money in your currency or Taiwan dollars.

Click on “Continue” to send the money. The recipient will then receive an email notification from PayPal, which will guide him on how to access the funds.