How to Transfer Money to Germany

How to Transfer Money to Germany
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When you are in the United States and need to get some money to a person or business in Germany, it can seem like a difficult task. Fortunately, there is more than one way to transfer some money abroad to a person or business in Germany. Money transfer fees to send your money to Germany vary because you have different delivery options. You can instantly transfer money to Germany or you can take up to two weeks to transfer money to the recipient in Germany.

Use the Internet to send money to Germany instantly. You can use PayPal (see Resources) or Moneybookers (see Resources) to instantly transfer money. The recipient must sign up for a free account to receive the money if he does not already have an account. You can also use the Western Union or MoneyGram websites (see Resources) to transfer money on line from your bank account or credit card. Transfer fees vary.

Go to a money transfer agent to make an in-person money transfer to Germany. You can do this through Western Union or MoneyGram. Just take your cash to a location near you and transfer the money to the recipient in Germany. You will need to have the recipient's name and a bank account for a direct-to-bank transfer or mailing address for delivery by mail. If you are sending the money to an agent location in Germany for pickup, you will be given a control number for the transaction, which you must give to the recipient. The recipient will present the control number and identification to get the money from the agent location. Money is usually available within a couple of hours with the in-person pickup transfer option. Transfer fees vary.

Send an international wire transfer from your bank to the bank of the recipient in Germany. To do this, you will need the recipient's banking information. Keep in mind that a wire transfer can take up to two weeks. To get a wire transfer to the recipient quickly, look for a local bank that is affiliated with the bank in Germany. For example, Citibank USA has affiliates in many countries. Fees for international wire transfers vary by bank.