How to Transfer Money from a Checking Account to a Prepaid Card

How to Transfer Money from a Checking Account to a Prepaid Card
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Prepaid cards offer consumers a convenient way to access cash without going over certain spending limits. The amount of money a consumer can spend using a prepaid card appears equal to the preloaded balance. Many consumers may opt to load a prepaid card by setting up direct deposit with an employer. Funds can be transferred from a checking account to a prepaid account by setting up an ACH transfer on the banking institution's website. An automatic clearing house, or ACH, transfer acts as an electronic funds transfer from a bank account to some other account. In other cases, visiting your bank in person may be a better option when transferring funds to a prepaid account.

Take Advantage of Direct Deposit

Stop by the Bank

Visit the local branch associated with your financial institution and present the bank transfer form to the teller. The bank teller may require you to supply identification, such as a valid driver's license or a state ID. The teller can also assist you with filling out the transfer form if you had any questions about the process.

Use Automated Systems for the Transfer

Another option is to transfer funds from the checking account to the prepaid card by phone or via the web. You'll need to add the checking account number and routing number in the appropriate fields of your online prepaid account, or by pressing the matching buttons on your telephone keypad when prompted.

It may take up to seven business days before a checking account can be linked with a prepaid card, depending on the prepaid card provider. Furthermore, it may take two or three business days for funds transferred from a checking account to a prepaid card to show as available. If you need the money in a flash, you may be able to pay an additional fee for expedited service. For example, Walmart's MoneyCard charges $2.95 for a same day transfer.