How to Transfer and Import Data to Your Return in TurboTax

How to Transfer and Import Data to Your Return in TurboTax. You can avoid tedious entry of data (such as names, addresses and specific tax-related information) in TurboTax (tax year 1999) by importing data from a previous year's tax return, or from Quicken or QuickBooks.

Transferring Data From TurboTax or MacInTax

Locate your last tax return file. If it's on a removable disk, insert the disk into the appropriate drive.

Open TurboTax.

Click Start My Return.

Click Continue.

Click Transfer From Last Year.

Find and choose the file or enter the path.

Click Transfer Selected Return.

Review the information that transferred.

Importing From Quicken, QuickBooks or Another Program

Follow the instructions in your financial program to create a TXF file.

In TurboTax, click "1. Personal Info" in the gray menu below the top menu bar.

Click Import in the pop-up menu.

Click on the name of your financial program or click Other Financial Software.

Click Import Now.

Find and choose the file or enter the path containing the TXF file.

Click Open.


  • Windows TurboTax files have a ".tax" extension. Transferred data will be shown in green so you can easily distinguish it from newly entered data. The way you create TXF files varies in different versions of Quicken.

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