How to Transfer a Credit for Celcom

How to Transfer a Credit for Celcom
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Celcom is a telecommunications company that provides prepaid and contract cell phone plans and broadband services to the Malaysian market. If you're a Celcom pay-as-you-go customer and run out of credit, you can ask friends or relatives who also use Celcom to transfer credit to your phone. The Airtime Share Credit Transfer System can be useful if you need to make an important call but have exhausted your funds. Transferring airtime credit to a friend or relative is a secure and straightforward process.


  • Although it is possible to transfer Malaysian Celcom credits, the process involves sending an SMS request, which could incur fees. With that in mind, you may try to reimburse the individual sending credits to you.

About Transferring Credits

The Airtime Share Credit Transfer System is designed to let users make the most of their prepaid plans. However, it's important to know that there are fees attached to this service. Currently, Celcom charges a fee of RMS0.50 to the transferrer, RMS0.20 to those requesting funds and no fee to the receiver. If you're asking for extra credits, you may want to offer to reimburse the transferer for those fees as an extra incentive to let you have some credits they aren't using.

How to Transfer via SMS

The easiest way to transfer credits is through SMS. To initiate a transfer, simply compose a new SMS message on your Celcom handset. Type RM <Amount> and send to 1 <recipient’s prepaid number>.

How to Transfer via USSD

If you prefer to complete the transfer via phone, you'll need to dial *118#. This method will work only if both you and the recipient are prepaid users.

How to Transfer via the Xpax App

If you're a Celcom member, you can download an app called Xpax that makes it easy to monitor and manage your account. Using this app, click on My Services, then choose Credit Transfer. From there, you can enter all the details of the transfer you want to make.

How to Request Credit

You don't have to ask a friend to complete the transfer and wait. Instead, you can request the credit, which will make it easy for them to send it. To request, send an SMS with RQ <Amount> and send to 1 <recipient’s prepaid number>. The other person will see a message that reads that your phone number has requested a payment of RM<Amount> and they need to type Y or N to accept or reject the request. The request will expire within five minutes.

Exploring Transfer Expirations

Transfers of RM2 and below will expire in one day, while transfers of between RM3 and RM25 will expire in three.