How to Transfer Credit Card Rewards

If you have a credit card that earns rewards, such as an American Express Gold credit card, you are able to transfer the rewards. While you have the option of using the rewards in-house, such as with the American Express travel agency for American Express rewards points, you can transfer the rewards out of the program. Transferring your credit card rewards gives you greater flexibility in using the rewards in different ways.

Log into your credit card rewards account online, or call the toll-free number located on the back of your credit card to speak with a rewards account representative.

Ask the representative your transfer options, if you are calling the toll-free number. While reviewing your options online, go to the “Use Points” or “Redeem Points.” Hotels and airlines partner with credit card companies to offer transfer options, as do retailers and restaurant chains.


Select how and where you want to transfer your reward points. Typically, credit card rewards points must be transferred in set increments of 1,000 rewards points.


Confirm your selections to complete the transfer. Typically, the transfer is immediate when transferring the credit card rewards to another rewards program.