How to Transfer Money Into My Checking Account From Out of State

How to Transfer Money Into My Checking Account From Out of State
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Thanks to advancements in technology, making banking transactions from almost anywhere in the world is easy. Just because you aren't in the same city or even the same state where you opened your original banking account, that doesn't mean you can't make a transfer. Online banking allows you to set up transactions without needing any teller help. If you can get to an out-of-state branch of your bank, the transaction is simple. On the other hand, for transfers between accounts at different banks, you will need to perform a wire transfer.

Visit a Local Bank Branch

Find another branch of the same bank where your account is located, and make a transfer in person. Even though you are out of the state where you opened the account, any other branch will still help create the transfer. You will need to withdrawal money from one account and then deposit it into the other account. For this, you will need both a withdrawal and deposit slip. Write in the necessary details, such as account numbers, name, address and whether you wish to receive any cash from the transaction. Go up to the teller and show her your ID. She will take your payment, post it to your account and then give you a transaction receipt.

Utilize Your Online Banking Portal

Make a transfer from your online account. If you are trying to transfer money from one account to another – for instance, a savings into a checking account – you can log on to your online banking website and set up the transfer. If you have set up an online account, you might have to go in to the bank to do this for security purposes. Some banks might allow you to set it up by phone as long as you have your account number, personal information and can answer security questions. Rules differ from bank to bank.

Make a Wire Transfer

Wire the money from one account to another if you need to transfer money from an account at one bank to an account at a different bank. Some banks will allow you to create a transfer through the Internet if both clients are part of the same bank, though usually this needs to be set up in person before the first transfer is attempted. For transfers between accounts at different banks, you may need to call or go to the bank in person. If that is the case, you need to bring your ID and personal information along with the account number, bank name and name of the transfer recipient. Be sure to get a receipt of the transfer in case there is a mistake with the account number, or the transfer somehow doesn't go through.