How to Transfer AMEX Points

by Catherine Chase ; Updated July 27, 2017
Earn points for purchasing online or swiping your card at a register.

AMEX, or American Express, offers its cardholders a membership rewards program that's based on a system of points. The more money you charge to your card, the more points you add to your balance. As your point balance increases, you may “cash in” your points for items or services at various merchants, theaters and restaurants. You may also transfer your AMEX points to your frequent-flyer program with an airline or hotel. Transfer your points online or call the American Express customer service department if you need help.

Step 1

Go to the American Express website to manage your points. Click on “Rewards” at the top of the homepage. Click on “Use Points” underneath the label “Membership Rewards.”

Step 2

Click on the green link labeled “Use Points” on the next page. Locate the subheading “Transfer Points.”

Step 3

Click on either the “Frequent Flyer Program” or the “Frequent Guest Program” link to transfer your points. The latter option directs you to hotel choices; the former option directs you to airlines. Clicking on either option takes you to the same page; you may toggle back and forth between either the airlines or the hotels display by clicking on the appropriate label.

Step 4

Select either a hotel or an airlines option to which you'd like to transfer your points. Click on its logo.

Step 5

Read the on-screen directions carefully. The directions may vary, depending on which option you selected. For example, an airline tells you how many points you need for a certain number of frequent-flyer miles. Enter the number of points you wish to transfer in the appropriate field to book your flight.

Step 6

Link your account to rewards programs that request it. For example, certain hotels require you to link your AMEX points account to their own rewards account. Click on the “Link Your Account” link to do this. Once your account is established, you may enter the amount of rewards points you wish to transfer and book your room.

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