How to Trade Australian Stocks

How to Trade Australian Stocks
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Australia has seen a boom in equities over the past couple of years. Its markets have climbed quickly thanks to the worldwide commodity price explosion, and prices do not look to be abating anytime soon. After some companies trading on the Australian Securities Exchange, or ASX, grabbed your attention, and after doing some research on a few of the listings, you might have wondered if you could invest in companies Down Under. You will find that it is probably much easier to do than you thought.

Open an online brokerage account that allows you to trade shares of companies listed on the ASX if your current broker does not allow it. A couple of online brokers that allow you to trade Australian stocks are Interactive Brokers and TD Waterhouse.

Research further the Australian companies you were thinking about investing in and then research them even more. The online brokerage firm you are using should have the tools available for you to perform fundamental analysis of the company and consult charts and graphs.

Buy the shares of the companies at what you believe are the right price points.

Sell the shares after making a large profit or hold on to them for an even larger profit. That is the perfect world plan, though that rarely works in the real world, unfortunately.


  • It is simple to trade Australian stocks once you have an online broker that has international investing. What is not simple is making money on your trades. As the adage goes: If it was so simple, everybody would be doing it. One rule that always should be followed is to only trade with money you can lose.